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    "John and I were very impressed with your friendliness, caring, concern and empathy regarding my fears.  We appreciated your honesty and wanting to make my visit and treatment a positive experience.  Everyone there was absolutely great! Thank you all so very much.  

    -John and Linda Rinehart (April 2014) 

    Humboldt, KS


    "I wanted Invisalign for a long time, but couldn't decide to get them. I'm 70 years old. I thought I was too old and that they were for much younger people. I had noticed that when people look at me when I was talking or something they would look at my teeth. So I decided to try the Invisalign and I'm glad I did. I have more self confidence now, I laugh more. When people look at me now, they don't just look at my teeth. With the encouragement of Dr. Herron and the girls, they answered all my questions. It has made me very happy."
    — Jan Gibbs
    Miami, OK

    "Thank you for this past year. We are so happy with Sarah's smile. You are ALL great people and I hope this year is a very blessed one for you ALL."
    — D'Nay Cotton for daughter Sarah
    Baxter Springs, KS

    "Never have I had such an experience. From the greeting of "Hi Lee" from the front desk crew, to very attentive care and concern of the techs to the very attentive attention shown by Dr. Herron. In my nearly three quarters of a century I have never known such a pleasant encounter. It was truly a 'look forward to' visit each time. This has made it a life-long friendship for more. I cannot express any more clearly than I have.
    A most sincere THANK YOU to all,"
    — Leon (Lee) Crowley
    Quapaw, OK

    "I have appreciated the sincere care that I have received from Dr. Herron and his awesome staff. You all have made going to the dentist a great experience. I feel more relaxed while waiting to be seen by the Dr. You guys are great to work with in scheduling and emergencies. I have told many people about the care I have received from you, and encourage them to come here also. I have changed my children to Dr. Herron's office too as they have had the same dentist for the past thirteen years, but when you can get service the most comfortable way, that's the way to go! We are here to stay!"
    — Amy Simmons
    Baxter Springs, KS

    "Crooked teeth have be a way of life for me my entire life. Braces were an expense my parents could not afford with 4 kids. Both of my own kids had braces (one with Doc. Herron) and I was so envious of their straight teeth. But by that stage of my life, I didn't relish the idea of metal braces for myself. However, when Invisalign was introduced, that was a teeth straightening process I could get excited about. After an initial evaluation, it was determined that I was a candidate for Invisalign. I started the procedure in August of 2007 and was finished in April of 2008 and I am now wearing my final retainer, or tray, for a year. I am so proud of my teeth! There was some initial discomfort at the beginning, but no pain, and it was so nice to be able to eat whatever you wanted as you just pop the trays out to eat and then put them back in. Since I was too lazy to take them out to snack between meals, it changed my eating habits and I lost 30 lbs. during that time! So it served as my diet program too!
    Ask Doc about Invisalign... I think you'll love it. I sure do!"
    — Becky Lewis
    Joplin MO

    "I am in the process of having crowns placed upon several teeth at Dr. Herron's office. The factors which influenced me to choose Dr. Herron over other dentists in the area was reputation, on-line testimonials, and the research I did on my own.

    My initial consultation was a very pleasant and helpful experience. Unlike some doctors with whom I have came in contact, Dr. Herron addressed all of my concerns and questions about the work to be done in an unhurried, honest, and kind manner.

    From the time I walked in the door, I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff. Every effort was made to put me at ease. The receptionists are very gracious and friendly. Though I have not had an occasion to meet all of the staff in the office, the ones who have performed work on me have been gentle, kind, and understanding.

    I really had a lot of reservations about going to the dentist because I feared them and vowed forty years ago I would never again subject myself to that type of pain.

    While I did not have any pain and had no cavities, some of the teeth with their older fillings had begun to fall apart; and I was pretty embarrassed about going. With the kind reassurances of both Dr. Herron and his staff, I quickly overcame that and made plans to have my teeth put in good order before I retired in a few years.

    When I completed the initial consultation, I was given a break down of the costs involved. Some people who have never had the good fortune to meet this man told me that the charges would be excessive and that I should go elsewhere and receive treatment. Naturally, I was concerned; but I visited a number of sites on the internet and obtained the reasonable and customary charges for these services for Southeast Kansas and discovered that Dr. Herron's charges were well within this range.

    Just from the few times I had work done in the office, I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Herron and his entire staff to anyone needing dental work. I do not believe anyone will find a more understanding, more patient, more honest, nor kinder dentist anywhere. I do not believe anyone will find a warmer, more friendly, nor more helpful staff in any dentist office. Give Dr. Herron a try; I promise you won't find a more honest, decent, and caring dental office.

    It is with great pleasure that I make this testimony on behalf of Dr. Herron and his entire staff; and I give my permission for this testimony or any part thereof to be included on the website or literature or advertisements."
    — Bob Lamb Teacher at Labette County High School
    Altamont, KS

    "I had two older brothers. When I was 9 or 10 we were playing and I was pushed down, knocking out my top front tooth. I went to a couple of dentists and thought I had found one. Needless to say, he didn't do a good job of fixing it up. I went for about 35 years before I would trust another one. I found Dr. Herron to be an excellent dentist. After 35 years he has put a big smile on my face. To me you are not a number; it is more of a family. Thank you, and the girls are soooo cute. How do you put in words how thankful I am- well here it goes - Every time I've ever called or come in the folks at Doc Herron's office have treated me like one of the family - actually even better. They are warm, kind, and very sensitive. This means the world to me as I have had two bad experiences - one at age eight and the other at 14. Since I have started coming to Doc Herron I'm a changed woman - all for the better. I have no fears and my mouth is in the best shape ever. I'm so thankful for everyone here and I can't say enough, the love I have for Doc = He is my hero and next to Jesus and my husband he is the next best awesome man in my life!"
    — D'Nay Cotton
    Baxter Springs, KS

    "Can you imagine your children being thrilled to go to the dentist? Well, my son is. Dr. Rob Herron's office is one of his favorite places. This is truly something of a miracle. My son has both Down syndrome and autism and is very touch sensitive, which does not make him an ideal patient. However, the atmosphere in Dr. Herron's office is such that it has built in him a great sense of trust. The ladies who clean his teeth are so friendly, patient, and positive; they treat him like a king. He has learned that they are gentle and fun to be with. Dr. Herron also is gentle and very patient. When I tell my son we are going to see Dr. Herron, he smiles happily, gets ready, bounces into the office, smiles at all the greetings he receives, and climbs trustfully into the chair.

    Recently he had his first filling and he sailed through it and still thinks that coming to see Dr. Herron is a treat. I consider that a miracle.

    By the way, I also, find Dr. Herron's services and those of his staff very pleasant and their work most effective. I also enjoy the coral reef."
    — Georgia Becker
    Weir, KS

    "To Dr Herron and Staff,
    I wanted to stop and thank you for your help and concern for the dental work I needed. It was so kind of you to get me in and take care of me so quickly. I was very impressed with everyone and all of the kindness you showed. Thank you for taking the small hole in my crown. Also, I expected you to say I needed crowns on my front teeth. Everywhere I go that's what they have been telling me and will not do anything else. So I really appreciate all of your help.
    Yes I will recommend you to others and will come back again. Thank you so much."
    — Joyce Turecke
    Columbus, KS

    "I love going to Dr. Herron because they are all nice and they are helping me have a great smile on my face. =)"
    — Katrina Froebe
    Columbus, KS

    "Why I use Dr. Herron:
    1. He is a good dentist.
    2. His prices are reasonable. I once thought he was too high until I checked and found out he wasn't.
    3. He employs competent help.
    4. His girls are very friendly.
    5. If something isn't right, we will make it right.
    6. His staff goes the extra mile processing insurance claims.
    7. He is handy. Why should I have to drive 30-50 miles to a dentist when a competent one is in my home town?
    8. All of the staff are just nice people."
    — Ted Wary
    Columbus, KS

    "I had to fight back the tears of joy at first glance of my new pearly white's. By the end of the day my facial muscles were fatigued from over exertion of my new permanent smile. Tears fell down my face as I spent at least an hour checking out my new smile that night!"
    — Heather Barrymore
    Girard, KS

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