Healthy Start

The Healthy Start System has been specifically designed to promote the proper growth and development of the jaw and airway to optimize airflow and promote proper nasal breathing while straightening your child’s teeth. As these areas develop many of the symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing disappear. When kids can breathe properly, they can begin to learn, grow, and blossom into their true genetic potential.


What is Sleep Disordered Breathing? 

20+ years of research ties Sleep Disordered Breathing to crooked and crowded teeth, arrested growth and development, behavioral challenges which can have a similar appearance to ADD / ADHD and even Bed-Wetting. The symptoms associated with SDB can vary from one child to the next, but even mild SDB (mouth breathing, crowded teeth, snoring) can point to serious underlying health issues and the need for treatment.

Sleep Disorder Breathing (SDB) symptoms: 

ADD/ADHD                                                BEDWETTING   
LOWER IQ                                                  NIGHTMARES
AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR                         SNORING
MOUTH BREATHING                                 IRRITABILITY 
RESTLESS SLEEP                                    LOW GRADES IN MATH & SCIENCE      


The Importance of Your Child's Airway

The central issue for many children suffering from the effects of Sleep Disordered Breathing is a compromised airway. When a child’s airway is narrow, underdeveloped or constructive in any way, the child will struggle to receive enough oxygen at night and may resort to mouth breathing which compounds this issue. The HealthyStart™ treatment can help open up the airway of a growing child by bringing the upper and lower jaws forward and allowing the airway to widen.



Understanding the Danger of Mouth Breathing 

Mouth breathing is not the same as nasal breathing, and ofter leads to a further compromise of the airway. 

Negative aspects of mouth breathing:

  • Can be a contributing factor to a compromised airway and in patients who require orthodontic treatment.
  • The proper exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.
  • Prevents the proper function of the tongue and other orofacial muscles that children need to speak, swallow, chew, and function properly.
  • Can cause the delicate tissues of the tonsils and adenoids to swell and become enlarged further impacting a restricted airway.


Healthy Start creates healthier, happier kids who can breathe. Rarely has there ever been a single appliance or system with the power to impact your child’s health in so many positive ways. As a parent, you owe it to your child to give them every chance to succeed. Please contact us today for more information on how we can help your child achieve their full potential.



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